Scrap Metal

Checkout our scrap metals policies, the types of scrap metals we accept, and Reynolds Recycling locations that accept scrap metals.‚Äč

We Buy The Following Scrap Metals:

  • Aluminum: Almost any thing made of aluminum, including Rims, Frames, Mouldings, etc.
  • Brass Decorative castings, pipe fittings, etc.
  • Copper: Wire, Pipe, Flashing, Sheet, etc
  • Stainless, Steel Counters, Sinks, Pots & Pans, Silverware, etc.
  • Foil, Spam & Vienna Sausage Cans.

Attention: A Scrap Copper Ownership Notarization Sheet is required by law for all scrap copper sales. Please see below for scrap copper sales information.

For current pricing information, Please CALL (808) 487-2802

For more information about commercial accounts or pickups please call Marc Matsui, Scrap Manager, at (808) 284-9942.

Scrap metal is bought at all staffed Reynolds Recycling locations on Oahu and at some Neighbor Island Reynolds Locations. Please refer to the Locations Page for which redemption Centers accept scrap metal.


Due to the implementation of the new Scrap Copper Sales Law (Act 197) requirements that went into effect on July 1, 2007, all purchases of scrap copper will require the following additional documentation beyond a Scrap Metal Purchase Slip:

Either A or B must be received from the customer:

A) A notarized declaration, which describes:

  • The exact item for sale
  • Who sold or gave the item to the seller,
  • Date of sale or transfer,
  • Price of item, if any.

B) A copy of the original receipt, which describes:

  • The exact item for sale
  • Who issued the receipt
  • Date of original sale
  • The original price

Reynolds staff must:

  • Pay by check.
  • Take a photo or photos of all of the copper.
  • Take a photo of the seller.
  • Verify the customer's photo ID or license (Federal or state).
  • Photocopy or take a photo of this ID.
  • Keep A or B above.

If you have any questions please call Reynolds Recycling customer Service at (808) 487-2802

Download the scrap copper ownership notarization sheet

Click here to see our list of procedures.