On Oahu (808) 487-2802,  Toll Free for Neighbor Islands: 1-888-999-7224

Summer Time

 time for waterparks, barbeques, graduation parties, and taking it easy.  Remember to also make your recycling easy.  

Set up bags or bins at your events for different types of recyclables.  Make one for cans, one for plastic, and a separate for glass or other types of containers.  Make sure to mark them clearly so people understand, and then have a separate container for trash. 

If you make it easy to follow most people will try to follow your instructions.  It will make your life easier when you bring in those containers to recycle, they will already be (mostly) separated into different materials.  That will make it much faster to check, and hopefully much of the separating work will already be done for you.

Keep it easy, enjoy, and recycle.

Effective June 1, 2014 Reynolds Recycling will no longer accept Non-Deposit Glass. 

Due to changes in the Honolulu City and County Non-Deposit glass Program Reynolds Recycling will stop accepting wine or liquor bottles, glass jars, etc. after May 31, 2014.   According to the city and County Recycling Office "there are not sufficient funds available to support the Non-Deposit Glass program".


If you want more information please call the city and county recycling office at: (808) 768-3200
Please remember this does not affect Beer or other Deposit Glass Bottles.
Ala Moana Redemption Center Closing
We are sad to say that the Reynolds Recycling Ala Moana Location will close after the end of business on Friday, May 30, 2014.  That location is being redeveloped for eventual Rail use.  Please visit our other town locations for all your recycling needs.  We have locations
at:      University Ave. (Varsity Bldg parking lot)
                        South St. (the corner of Halekauwila & Keawe)    
   Aala St. (254 N. Beretania)                     
These are all open every day, from 9 am to 5 pm, except lunchtime (12-1:30 pm). 
If you are looking for a larger facility, we have one 
          at: Puuhale Rd. (207 Puuhale Rd.) 
Puuhale is open every day, from 7:30 am to 5 pm, and does not close for lunchtime!
While the Puuhale location is a ways away from Ala Moana, it is able to quickly handle large glass or other loads easily.  Please call if you have further questions. (808) 487-2802

2014 Project Graduation Contest
Congratulations to all of the
2014 Project Graduation contest participants.
Assets School won the $3,000 First place Prize.  Congratulations!
Moanalua High School won the $1,500 secondPlace Prize. 
Kaimuki High School won the $1,000 wild card Prize. 

Your Neighborhood Recycler
State certified, and Always ready to redeem your HI-5 beverage containers (Aluminum Cans, Steel and Bi-metal cans, Plastic bottles, and glass bottles) and buy your scrap Aluminum, brass, copper, and
stainless steel.

Reynolds Recycling is a locally owned company that has been serving Hawaii’s people for over 30 years. In that time, we have paid out over $150 million to Hawaii residents for their recyclables, of which over $2.75 million has gone directly to our schools to fund important programs and projects.

With over 40 convenient locations on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, Reynolds is Hawaii’s largest beverage container recycler, and we are continuing to expand our operations to promote convenient redemption services in more neighborhoods.  

Our goal is to make recycling a way of life for Hawaii’s people. As a service to our customers, we have a full range of recycling options available. In addition to our Redemption Centers located statewide, we also have reverse vending machines in select locations and a number of facilities are prepared to accept commercial recyclables and scrap metal. For a complete listing of our locations and hours of operations, click here.

Each year since 2005, Reynolds Recycling has recycled enough used beverage containers, and scrap metal to extend the life of our municipal landfill by one month.

As a leader in recycling, Reynolds is committed to protecting Hawaii’s future by recycling today for generations to come.




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